GLAMOUR is the seductive allure that transforms appearances and galvanises attention. GLAM is not beauty alone… it is a sensation, a state of mind, an attitude, an aura, enveloped in mystery and magic.

FERRO, CENERE, LATTE and MIELE four porcelain stoneware colours, sophisticated forms of GLAMOUR

ESAGONE ORO and ARGENTO elegant, rich, daring finishes for timeless luxury

PIQUÉ, PETALI, TRAMA and TELA soft, transparent relief motifs with distinctive  character. A mix of textures for the free creation of interior design, reflecting an individual style, unique every time..

ESAGONE, MURETTI, LASTRE 30×60:  A complete matching assortment, enriched with weaves and textures, for intricate, flexible, unlimited laying patterns. Also conceived to satisfy the stylistic and design needs of architects
and interior designers.