technical area



The NATURAL or HONED surface has a smooth, non-shiny appearance. This is the result of a process that follows sawing, whereby the slab, already cut to uniform dimensions, undergoes a special surface treatment and a further cutting/trimming of the edges which guarantees constant, uniform calibration.


BRUSHED surfaces have a worn look. Brushing, or antiquing, is the result of a process that deliberately endows the Stone with an antique look, simulating a surface aged by time and wear.


POLISHED surfaces have a reflective, “mirror” effect. Polishing consists of a special treatment employing “diamond discs” to buff the surface for the ultimate enhancement of the Stone’s decorative and aesthetic qualities.


Split face is the traditional finish used for slate. The thin slabs of slate are “riven” or split open by expert hands, creating fine one-off pieces. No two pieces are of identical thickness.



This decorative finish is used to enhance the most opulent projects. Gleaming, sparkling metallic glitter is set into channels by hand, through a special process of singular care and precision. The glitter achieves a kind of “fusion with the stone” for visually striking results.


A very fine “light sanding” takes the shine off the polished surface, creating a product with subtle, elegant design consisting of contrasting shiny/natural finishes


The bas-relief decoration, created with a 3-D effect, is subsequently antiqued; sharp edges are softened, shapes become more flowing and lines mellow, enhancing the “Worn” appeal


The design with all the usual attention, enhanced by a new finish of the surfaces: a “soft brightness” that exalts the qualities of Natural Stone even more. A pleasant and sinuous contrast to touch is added to the visible pleasure of an harmonious incision into the material, reflecting a gentle lustre